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We are on a mission enable information sharing between healthcare providers and vendors

The State Of Vendor Security

Health providers work with hundreds of vendors for managing hospital operations. As this vendor footprint continues to grow, evaluating vendor security and compliance becomes more important. Third-party vendors now account for more than 20% of all healthcare breaches. This means that small vendors can become a large security risk to any healthcare organizations.

Introducing OpenVRA: The Vendor Assessment Standard

OpenVRA is a security evaluation standard that enables healthcare providers and healthcare vendors to share security and compliance information.

OpenVRA provides health provides with the ability to build vendor assessments, and manage security/regulatory concerns. Assessments built around the OpenVRA standard provide vendors with a predictable assessment to complete

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Introducing OpenVRA: The Vendor Assessment Standard

Standard Set of Security Questions

Measure Regulatory Requirements

Tech Agnostic Assessment

Score Vendor Provided Answers

Built By Healthcare Leaders

The OpenVRA Framework was built by Dash Solutions in collaboration healthcare providers and healthcare vendors. Healthcare providers are often unsure how to assess vendor security or what questions to ask. Healthcare vendors often deal with vendor risk assessments that are vague and different for each individual health provider.

It is our goal to provide one assessment that can be easily understood by vendors and provide valuable security and compliance insight to providers.

Built By Healthcare Leaders

Healthcare Providers

See how you can improve your vendor assessment process by implementing the OpenVRA framework. Utilize our essential security questions, build your vendor assessment, and measure vendor security efforts.

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Healthcare Vendors

Preparing to sell to health providers or have a security risk assessment coming up? Take our free vendor risk assessment and learn about any potential security and compliance issues.

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See how OpenVRA simplifies vendor risk assessments and helps you manage vendor risk.

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